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Hypocritical priests (the girl ones)

on November 22, 2013

So this occurred to me during the Anglican Synod here in Auckland and it has been bugging me ever since.  I don’t really understand why it makes me feel so gut angry that my head wants to explode but it does, so anyway I figure I will blog it and see if that helps.

Here goes..

It’s the evangelical women priests at synod. I of course am all for woman priests, I am all for ordaining women as bishops…obviously I am pretty liberal. I am liberal on ordaining women, homosexuals, on substitutional atonement and this all comes from a consistent liberal interpretation of scripture.

What bugs the crap out of me is women who are conservative in their interpretation of scripture, and are happy to be liberal on the reading of the scriptures regarding a woman’s role in the church, but then insist on sticking to a literal interpretation of scripture when it comes to homosexuality.

it seems to be if you are going to stick with your holier than thou, love the sinner hate the sin interpretation of scripture, you should be consistent and not just pick the scriptures that conveniently apply to someone else.  One would think that having experienced the discrimination and frustration of having your vocation challenged and denied you because of your gender you would have empathy for others who face similar discrimination.

it seems to me that if you are an evangelical female priest who insists upon refusing to allow homosexuals to be ordained and to be married in our church then you should be consistent in your interpretation of scripture, take of your dog collar, put on your hat, hand your licence in to the bishop, sit down in a pew, shut your mouth and learn in silence and submission.  

Otherwise you are a hypocrite, a whited sepulchre, no matter how you contort your interpretation of scripture to make your ordination ok but a homosexual person in a committed relationships an abomination, it is what it is. Hypocrisy. Be aware that for those of us that recognise this, anything else you try and preach to us is coloured by this lack of credibility. It’s hard to hear your words when your lack of integrity is screaming at me so loudly.


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