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The Joys of International Insignificance!

on September 24, 2012

Ten Years ago I spent some great times traveling extensively around South East Asia.  I took in Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

One of the great joys and privileges of being a New Zealander is the ease at which we get visas into these countries and the welcome we experience  when we travel around.  American?  No Kiwi!  Keewee? From New Zealand…Ahh Nu Zeeland ( nod and smile.)

Apart from the fact that the vast majority of the world cant find us on a map we enjoy the great blessings that come with not having pissed off anyone at all (accept the USA  but lets get to that later).  No terrorist is interested in blowing up the sky tower, we are just not important enough for them to bother.  As a Kiwi wandering around the world we are not likely to get chewed out for our foreign policy or kidnapped to teach our satanic government a lesson.  Our religious nuts are just local pains in the ass rather than creators of riots in the streets of cities with large Muslim populations.

Enter the US Secretary of Defense…

Having pissed of the US Government 25 odd years ago by refusing to allow their nuclear ships in to our harbors we have been conveniently ignored by them ever since.  As they have been stomping around the globe behaving like everyone’s nightmare international flatmate, we have by and large kept  out noses out of their conflicts, and our soldiers out of their war zones.  That all changed when we sent soldiers in to Afghanistan.  We helped them out there and now they want to be friends again.

Now I have never though that being buddies with the biggest bully in the school yard is a good idea.  Eventually the little guys get upset with having their school lunches stolen and they fight back.  And if you are one of the bullies buddies you sometimes find yourself getting a stray punch in the nose.

Well now the US Secretary of Defense is sniffing around and sounding us out as potential hosts for one of their military bases.  we are not positioned usefully to stage any kind of beat up on the Middle East; but Asia and the Pacific?  Well that’s another story.  We sit right in Asia’s back yard and all of a sudden we might be useful again.

I say that as small insignificant players on the international stage that we stay that way.  Let the Yanks stage their school yard beat ups from someone else’s back yard.  No terrorist worth their Molotov cocktail is interested in sending a suicide bomber down here.  By and large our Asia, Pacific neighbors regard us as a benign, geeky little brother.  lets keep it that way!


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