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How do you become a Zenglican?

on September 13, 2012

Well, you start out in an evangelical Anglican church as a child.  You love the Anglicanism and you are spiritually precocious which thank goodness the Anglicans support.

Your parents drag you of to the Pentecostal church where you don’t at all fit, but some of their bone deep commitment to living out their (misguided) spirituality rubs of.  The Pentes don’t like spiritually precocious young woman however and so you follow your deep sense of spirituality to South East Aisa in a (misguided) attempt to live it out by converting those Buddhists to Jesus.

After a few years of working in and out of Asia and New Zealand the dissonance between your spirituality of grace and peace and the theology of sin, damnation and repentance becomes deafening.  You discover the ancient contemplative traditions of the church and realize that the arm waving hand clapping of the Pentecostals and the Evangelicals leaves no room for you to listen to the divine.

You move back to the Anglicans from the Baptists who you went to when the Pente’s kicked you out.

You can no longer live with believing in an all powerful, loving God who is love, but sends the vast majority of his creation off to an unspeakable concentration camp after death; because they worship him in a way that is different to what he defines in an ancient library of texts.

And any way how come the divine is a man, and his mates seem to despise women.

You go from an Evangelical Anglican to a Liberal Anglican church, you discover inclusive theology, you discover women priests.  You find a place that embraces your questioning and celebrates your intellect.

You are home!

You fall in love with a Buddhist and that is okay because your God is happy for anyone to connect to her any way that works for them.

You go with your lover to the Zen Center and you learn to meditate in silence listening to your breath.

You discover the divine in your self, your body and your community.

You continue to meditate using Zazen, you continue to meditate using Lectio Divina and your Rosary.

You are part of your Anglican Community and your Zen Community

Nether community resents or resists the other

You are a Zenglican.


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